Conditions Of Entry at QBBC

• If you are over the age of 70 and/or have compromised health, and/or have a chronic health condition, it is the advice of NSW Health that you do not attend. You are welcome, however, if you are willing to accept the risk of entry.
• Presently, NSW Health is strongly recommending the wearing of masks at church services, but you are not required to do so, unless you choose to sing. (See the bottom of this sheet.)
• Abide by the signage and instructions of our workers.
• Maintain 1.5 metre distance between yourself and others who are not of your household.
• Practice good hygiene.
• Declare you have not travelled to a known hotspot within the past 14 days.
• Declare you have not travelled overseas in the past 14 days.
• Declare you are symptom free, that it has been 14 days since the onset of any sickness (cold or flu), and have no COVID-like symptoms.  If you have had COVID-like symptoms, you must be tested and have a negative test result from a doctor.
• Declare you have not been in contact with a person known to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
• If you choose to enter, your temperature will be taken (with a contactless thermometer. Anything over 37.5 is considered unsafe and cannot enter). your name will be recorded for contact tracing purposes (kept in a digital format in a secure folder), and we will need either your contact number or email address.
• If you have children, please supervise them at all times.
• You will be provided with a printed song booklet, if you wish.
• If you choose to sing with us, you will wear a mask (provided).


Covid Safe Plan

Document Information
Title COVIDSafe Plan
Revision 3
Organisation Queanbeyan Bible Baptist Church (QBBC), Inc.
Address 87 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620
Prepared By QBBC Committee
Approved By Senior Pastor
Next Review Date As soon as reasonably possible if requirements are changed, otherwise 1 October 2020
Revision Information
Revision Date Description
1 05/06/2020 Prepared for first return to services with up to 50 attendees on June 7th
2 01/08/2020 Updated in response to new compliance measures introduced in NSW on July 24th and refinement of processes since this plan was first implemented
3 29/08/2020


This COVIDSafe Plan has been developed in response to the national coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and specifically to comply with NSW Government requirements for places of worship. From Friday 24 July 2020, certain restrictions have been tightened to limit total attendance to 100 people, subject to the one person per four square metre rule and a COVID-Safe business registration. This limit of 100 does not include the people necessary to conduct or assist in the service. For clarity, the maximum attendee limit based on the size of QBBC building is 65, not 100. This plan addresses how Queanbeyan Bible Baptist Church (QBBC) will comply with government requirements and help to keep church attendees safe.

This plan is arranged into the following four sections:

  1. Preparation and oversight - Outlines the actions taken by QBBC Committee prior to resuming services in June 2020 and responding to increased restrictions in late July, identifies the Lead Warden and provides a review process to ensure this plan is kept up to date;
  2. Response to requirements - Defines the actions that have been or will be taken in response to each specific requirement provided by the NSW Government. There are four primary areas to be addressed including:
    1. Wellbeing of workers, congregants and visitors;
    2. Physical distancing;
    3. Hygiene and cleaning; and
    4. Record keeping.
  3. Service checklist - Provides a simple checklist to ensure that key actions are taken prior to, during and after services; and
  4. Incident response - Outlines the process to be followed if a person reasonably suspects that someone may have COVID-19 or may have been exposed to it.

Following are key contacts and information sources:

  1. Senior Pastor - Kevin Beier - 0414 955 657
  2. Lead Warden - Determined on a week-by-week basis
  3. National Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080
  4. NSW Government COVID-19 website -
  5. Detailed COVID-19 workplace safety guidance on Safe Work Australia website -


Preparation & oversight

Prior to resuming services in June 2020 and in response to increased restrictions in late July, the QBBC Committee has considered and reviewed COVIDSafe requirements and the way in which these will be addressed to ensure compliance. Key steps taken include:

  1. Change in configuration of services from normal pattern in order to comply with maximum numbers, provide services online, maximise safety of attendees and support efficiency of preparation and cleaning;
  2. Preparation of the building to assess and ensure appropriate physical distancing including installation of signs, removal of furniture as required, use of projection rather than physical hymn books and providing alternative methods for offering collection to avoid unnecessary contact;
  3. Establishment of COVID-19-specific cleaning protocols;
  4. Supply of resources including disposable gloves, masks and appropriate cleaning products;
  5. Communication to and training of workers who will be involved in facilitating services;
  6. Communication to all attendees to outline the key requirements with which they will be expected to comply; and
  7. Preparation, implementation, review and modification of this plan.

The nominated COVIDSafe Accountable Individual and Lead Warden will be determined on a week-by-week basis and is ultimately accountable to Pastor Beier.

This plan will be monitored and reviewed regularly to respond to changing requirements, improvement opportunities and especially as issues are identified early in the return to services. This plan is available from church administration.

Response to requirements

This section details the responses made by QBBC to the specific requirements provided on the NSW Government website:


Wellbeing of workers, congregants and visitors

Requirement: Exclude staff and congregants who are unwell from the premises


This is managed at three levels:

  1. General communication to QBBC church family via email bulletins and text messages, that those who are unwell or have symptoms must stay home
  2. Communication to registered attendees via email response prior to any given service so that anyone who is unwell or experiencing any symptoms cannot attend; and
  3. Screening of all actual attendees (whether registered prior or not) at point of entry including:
    1. Asking each attendee’s health and contact history prior to entry (addressed below)
    2. Asking if attendees have travelled to a known hotspot
    3. Asking if attendees have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of Covid-19
    4. Taking each attendee’s temperature via a contactless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to enter
Requirement: Provide staff with information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing and cleaning


Church workers have been provided with this plan

If someone is exhibiting COVID-19, cold or flu symptoms, the public health advice is to get tested

Physical distancing requires 4 square metres per person, to a maximum of 65 attendees at a service (not counting essential workers)

Cleaning is addressed specifically in its own section in this plan. A lead cleaner will coordinate and supervise the cleaning effort after each service

Requirement: Make staff aware of their leave entitlements if they are sick or required to self-isolate Workers are required and supported to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms or are required to self-isolate Display conditions of entry (website, social media, venue entry)


Conditions of entry will be provided generally to each attendee prior to their first attendance at services, and as material changes are implemented, by text message, email or phone call

All attendees will be asked to arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to the start of services, and late arrivals may be denied entry

Signs with conditions of entry will be placed at entry points to the building

For unanticipated (unregistered) attendees, such as first-time visitors who attend on the day without prior notice being given to the church, entry will be controlled directly at those points of entry via worker communication and screening

The church website and Facebook page may also be used to communicate these conditions

Requirement: Consider offering online services or alternative arrangements for people in high-risk categories (e.g. over 70 years)


Services are being live streamed and are accessible via the church website and YouTube channel

If someone in what is deemed to be a high-risk category (such as a person over 70 years of age, a person with a chronic health condition or a person with compromised immunity) wishes to attend and is well, the church position is to allow that person to attend if they so choose

Requirement: Ensure COVID-19 Safety Plans are in place, where relevant, for:
Community centres and halls (if hiring out premises)
Restaurants and cafes


Activities conducted offsite from the QBBC property have been limited during the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic, but for any activities the requirements in this plan apply and will be tailored to each situation (e.g., home-based activities will comply with physical distancing requirements)

Physical distancing

Requirement: Capacity must not exceed 100 people, or one visitor per 4 square metres of space (excluding the persons involved in conducting the service), to a maximum of one person per 4 square metres.


The size of the church property allows up to a maximum of 65 visitors (not including workers conducting the service) with sufficient allowance for 4 square metres per person based on the area of the building which has been measured and is compliant

Services are configured to have one single group of 65 attend both Sunday School and Main Services on a given Sunday.

Provision will be made for unanticipated (unregistered) attendees such as first-time visitors. This means that 60 pre-registered attendees will be allowed where required to cater for up to 5 possible unplanned attendees

Requirement: Group singing or chanting is particularly high risk and so should continue to be avoided


QBBC position on group singing is to continue to sing in obedience to the Bible, but strictly only using masks. However, each attendee is free to choose whether they wish to sing

Requirement: Wedding services can have a maximum capacity of 150 people, and funeral services can have a maximum capacity of 100 people. See the NSW Government website for wedding and funeral service COVID-19 Safety Plans


The church building only allows for a maximum of 65 attendees

If a wedding or funeral is to be held, a specific CovidSafe Plan will be developed prior to the event

Requirement: Use signage to communicate the maximum safe capacity


Signs have been placed throughout the building in key locations such as entry doors or areas that do not support sufficient physical distancing

Requirement: Move or remove tables and seating as required


Tables have been moved to minimise contact surfaces

Seating in the auditorium has been signposted to demarcate where attendees are / are not allowed to sit

Ushers will monitor seating at all times and ensure physical distancing requirements and the total capacity of 65 attendees are maintained

Requirement: Reduce crowding wherever possible and promote physical distancing


All attendees are instructed to comply with all signs and directions given by workers

Crowd management will be achieved via defined entry and exit routes and by communicating to attendees that lengthy stays post service will not be possible

High-traffic areas such as entry points may be marked as required with tape/stickers to show physical distancing requirements

Classrooms will be signposted accordingly to comply with maximum numbers in each room

The nursery will be available up to a maximum of 5 people at one time and all used items and contact surfaces must be cleaned after use

Parents must supervise their children at all times within the building and ensure they are complying with the requirements

Wardens will monitor crowding and remind attendees of physical distancing requirements

Requirement: Where reasonably practical, ensure staff maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times (including at meal breaks and in offices or meeting rooms)


Wherever reasonably practical, all workers and attendees will maintain 1.5 metres physical distance at all times

Requirement: Use telephone or video for essential meetings where practical.


Telephone, video conferencing or other communication methods will be used wherever practicable

Requirement: Review regular deliveries and request contactless delivery and invoicing where practical


Wherever possible, contactless delivery methods will be used

The default payment method is to pay by invoice and will be used wherever possible

Requirement: Have strategies in place to manage gatherings that may occur immediately outside the premises, such as at the conclusion of services. This may involve suspending or adjusting the practice of greeting congregants as they arrive or depart to ensure appropriate physical distancing.


Reminders are provided to attendees and any crowding that may occur is controlled by workers

Key areas will be monitored for physical distancing requirements

Requirement: Coordinate with public transport, where reasonably practical, around strategies to minimise COVID-19 risks associated with transportation to and from the venue if crowding on public transport may occur


QBBC does not engage public providers to transport attendees to church. Each individual is responsible for their own transportation, unless they use the church bus.

When required, and wherever reasonably possible, attendees identified as arriving to or departing from the venue via public transport will be briefed on requirements and will need to comply

Requirement: Take measures to ensure drivers of courtesy vehicles minimise close contact with passengers


The church bus will be used according to instructions given by the driver or workers

Bus journeys will be planned and strict controls will be implemented including:

  1. Registration and screening of passengers
  2. Maintenance of physical distancing
  3. Cleaning of surfaces after completion of bus route for each given Sunday
Requirement: Solo singing and wind instruments can spread COVID-19 if a participant is infected. Additional planning around these activities should be undertaken from a work health and safety perspective, including ensuring 3 metres distance from the audience


Surgical masks will be provided to each attendee for the purpose of group singing, as identified previously

No wind instruments will be used

Solo and small group singing will be conducted with at least 3 metres distance from the audience

Requirement: Education programs should be conducted in accordance with the NSW Government guidelines on Schools and Childcare. Students do not need to follow strict adult physical distancing guidelines but should follow good hygiene practices. Staff should continue to maintain 1.5m physical distancing from students where practical


As Sunday School classes resume, safety will be managed in line with all the other requirements in this plan

Use of classrooms for Sunday School will be in accordance with the NSW Government guidelines on Schools

Hygiene and cleaning

Requirement: Adopt good hand hygiene practices


Hand sanitiser will be readily available throughout the building and supplies monitored by workers

Shaking hands, hugging or other physical contact will be discouraged

Offerings will not take the normal format using offering bags. Rather, online giving is encouraged and an offering box will be available in the auditorium

Projection is used instead of hymn books and printed, single-use disposable copies distributed to attendees who choose to use them

Workers involved in cleaning will use disposable gloves at all times

Posters will be used to reinforce this message

Requirement: Ensure bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels


Use of bathrooms will be monitored

Bathrooms will be well stocked with hand soap, paper towels and bins and will be monitored closely by workers to ensure all contact surfaces including handles and buttons are cleaned after the completion of each service

Requirement: Consider modifying religious rites or rituals to avoid direct contact where practical, such as communion or other similar practices. Where this is not practical, ensure hands are washed before and after each interaction with soap and water or hand sanitiser


N/A (refer to actions for hand hygiene requirements)

Requirement: Avoid sharing books, drinking cups or other shared objects used during the service such as collection plates. Also consider putting barriers around frequently touched objects of worship, such as shrines, relics or fonts, to prevent people frequently touching these


Projection is used instead of hymn books and printed, single-use disposable copies distributed to attendees who choose to use them

If morning/afternoon tea is provided, disposable cups and utensils will be used along with designated servers responsible for preparation and distribution using appropriate PPE, utensils and pre-packaged food

Requirement: Clean frequently used indoor hard surface areas (including children’s play areas) at least daily with detergent/disinfectant. Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces several times per day


The church will be cleaned following each service, using appropriate cleaning agents such as detergent, disinfectant and PPE, with a particular focus on high-traffic contact surfaces including door handles, handrails, seating, bathrooms and the nursery.

The following specific cleaning protocols will be used:

  1. Wear gloves when cleaning and discard after each use
  2. Thoroughly clean surfaces using disinfectant
  3. If someone infected does attend QBBC, the national protocols of cleaning will be followed

For more information see the Safe Work Australia website:

A lead cleaner will coordinate and supervise cleaning

Requirement: Disinfectant solutions need to be maintained at an appropriate strength and used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions


Cleaning supplies have been purchased to meet requirements, will be maintained to ensure sufficient supply at all times, and will be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

Requirement: Staff are to wear gloves when cleaning and wash hands thoroughly before and after with soap and water


Workers involved in cleaning will wear disposable gloves at all times, as well as masks if desired and will wash hands thoroughly before and after with soap and water

Record keeping

Requirement: Keep a record of name and a mobile number or email address for all staff, volunteers, visitors and contractors for a period of at least 28 days. For households, one contact is sufficient to support contact tracing. Ensure records are used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections and are stored confidentially and securely


An attendance register template has been prepared to record this information and will be filled out under supervision of a worker prior to each attendee entering

Records will be kept confidentially in digital format in the Senior Pastor’s Drive account, retained for at least 28 days post attendance and only used in the event they are required for tracing purposes

Requirement: All places of worship must register their COVID-19 Safety Plan through


QBBC has registered this COVIDSafe Plan through

Requirement: Make your staff aware of the COVIDSafe app and its benefits to support contact tracing if required


QBBC has registered this COVIDSafe Plan through

Record keeping

This section is a checklist of minimum requirements to be completed prior to, during and immediately after services.

PriorPre-service communication to attendees on requirements has been provided Cleaning was completed after the last service COVIDSafe posters are displayed prominently at the entrance and in key locations COVIDSafe wardens are easily identifiable and are ready at assigned areas as required Greeting volunteers have been trained in screening Online registration is used by majority of attendees Attendees who have not completed an online registration are required to fill in a physical registration form, which in most cases is completed by a worker on their behalf Appropriate hand sanitation is set up throughout the building in prominent locations A seating plan is established at 1.5 metres apart Adequate plans are in place to ensure social distancing, such as 1 family per row
DuringWhen people arrive, they should wait in a line at least 1.5 metres apart if there is a queue On entry, all attendees are asked: If they have experienced any COVID, cold or flu-like symptoms in the past two weeks. If they have travelled overseas in the past 14 days. If they have travelled to any known hotspots. If they have had any contact with anyone confirmed with a case of COVID-19 If yes to any of these questions, they will be informed that they will be unable to attend. If no, attendees will have their temperatures taken via contactless device and recorded Use of printed materials will be handled by appointed workers and disposed of following services. Projection is used During the service, announcements may include updates on COVIDSafe practices, including: People should practise social distancing at a minimum of 1.5 metres at all times No physical greetings or exchanges such as handshakes or hugs Wash hands and maintain good hygiene practices Sneeze / cough into your elbow Other relevant COVIDSafe practices that apply COVIDSafe wardens monitor attendee numbers to ensure the maximum number of people is not exceeded in any given area. The exception is student classrooms, where children are following the NSW guidelines for schools There is a clear post-service plan to monitor and enforce social distancing practices
AfterThe attendee records register is stored confidentially for at least 28 days in the Senior Pastor’s Drive Post service cleaning is complete This COVIDSafe Plan is monitored, reviewed and updated as required

Incident response

This section outlines the process of responding to a suspected case of or exposure to COVID-19.

If anyone at QBBC - whether worker or church attendee - reasonably suspects that someone may have COVID-19 or has been exposed to it, they must notify the COVIDSafe Warden immediately, who will be responsible for overseeing the incident response plan.

QBBC is classified under Health & Safety laws as a workplace. Therefore, the process for a COVID-19 incident notification on site is:

  1. Notify the COVIDSafe Warden on duty immediately; and
  2. Secure the site as outlined in the following process:
Location of the personStepActions
The person is on siteIsolateCall the National Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080 Follow advice of public health officials
The person is on siteSeek adviceCall the National Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080 Follow advice of public health officials
The person is on siteTransportEnsure the person has transport to their home or to a medical facility if required
The person is on siteCleanClean and disinfect the areas where the person and close contacts have been Do not use those areas until this process is complete Use PPE when cleaning
The person is on siteIdentify and informConsider who the person has had close contact with If instructed by public health officials, tell close contacts they may have been exposed and follow advice on quarantine requirements
The person is on siteReviewReview risk management controls relating to COVID-19 and review whether work may need to change Consult QBBC Committee and workers on WHS issues
The person was recently on siteSeek adviceCall the National Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080 Follow advice of public health officials
The person was recently on siteIdentify and informIdentify who at the workplace had close contact with the affected person. If instructed by public health officials, tell close contacts they may have been exposed and follow advice on quarantine requirements
The person was recently on siteCleanClean and disinfect the areas where the person and their close contacts have been Do not use those areas until this process is complete Use PPE when cleaning
The person was recently on siteReviewReview risk management controls relating to COVID-19 and review whether work may need to change Consult QBBC Committee and workers on WHS issues